usb stick memory stick compact flash smartcard
You work on different PCs and wanna keep your Passwords always in your Pocket?
So we have another solution for you

You can run Password Keeper Desktop from removable Media like
  • USB Sticks
  • Memory Sticks
  • Compact Flash
  • SD Crads
  • ZIP Disks
  • or every other removable Media that integrates in Microsoft Windows

How does it work?

The machines needs the Password Keeper dependencies installed. This are the Runtime files used from the program. Its possible that your system already has them all. But its also possible that some are missing. For that reason we have created a small Setup program that installs only the runtime on the machine. Of course you have to do that only once. This Setup is included in the ZIP file. So you have it always on your Removable Media when you need it.
You only need to copy all files from our ZIP Archiv to your removable Media. The only important thing is following setting in the settings file pkeeper.conf


when you set useappdatafolder to false then Password Keeper doesnt store the settings and database in the predefinded Windows Application Data Folder. It creates a subdirectory on your removalble media "Data", and stores there all data.
This means you can plugin your Media on every PC you work and open Password Keeper there.


click on the image to start the download Password Keeper 3 Runtime only
click on the image to start the download Password Keeper Portable Version 3